Reasons Why You Must
Play Dragon Warrior

Guide for Dragon Warrior

Conquer Online 3.0

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Body Shapes, Costumes, Weapons

The Background Story of Dragon Warrior

The connection between Bruce Lee and Dragon Warrior

PK Show

Experience the power of Dragon Warrior and witness the epic battle!

Innovative Skills

Combo, Control and other skills

Making Money In-Game

Save Time & Trouble and Get Rich & Richer In No Time!

How to Level Up Fast

Never Been So Easy & Relaxing In Terms of Leveling, Even for Dragon Warrior!

How to Fight and Rebirth

With Dragon Warrior, Find Out How You Go About The Combination of Classes in Rebirth System!

How to Get Stronger

Learn More About Chi & Jiang Hu, and Strengthen Yourself Upon the Arrival of Dragon Warrior!

Benefits Return

Guild BP, Server Transfer, Mine Caves, Dragon Ball for Promotion and More!

Bot Crackdown

Crack down on all bots for all fans to enjoy the bot-free playing environment!

Leisure Play

Auto-Hunting and easier functions make you enjoy the game more!

Transition to CO 3.0

New challenge, graphics, body shapes and user interface, all in CO 3.0!

Wheel of fortune & VIP Sprint

Spin the wheel and upgrade your VIP to win an iPhone 6 Plus and blessed VIP garment.

Grand Gift pack Giveaway

Claim a Grand Gift Pack to Obtain Dragon Warrior Equipment.

Special Sale

Fancy Alpaca, New Mount Armor, Demon Boxes and special packs await you!

Dragon Warrior Special Chi Rebate

Train your Chi powers to earn up to 40% rebate!

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