Summer Carnival Puzzle - Have All Types of Puzzle Fun This Summer in CO!

Open to get 1% Blessed Pride of Triumph (B)(30-days), 3000 Chi Points, Dragon Ball*1, Radiant Star Stone*1, 300 CP(B).
Open to get Vital Pill (B), Favored Training Pill (B), Protection Pill (B), and Senior Training Pill (B).
Open to get 1% Blessed Frozen Fantasy (B)(30-days), 5000 Chi Points, Favored Training Pack(20), Small Lottery Ticket Pack*3, Radiant Star Stone*2.
Open to get Bright Star Stone*3, Permanent Stone*1, 1000 Chi Points, +4 Stone, 200 CP (B).
CONQUER + 14: Open to get Penitence Amulet (B), Twilight Star Stone*3, Dragon Blood stone (B)*2, +1 Stone*2.
Rank Name Server Points