This Month's Topic

Guild Activities
Do you take part in Capture the Flag or Guild War? Why or why not? How many members in your guild take part in the guild activites? If you have any thoughts about that, please let us know here.

Please Submit Your Ideas or Problems You Have About Conquer HERE!


1. To submit your letter, please login with your account first, and then fill in the title, select type and write down your ideas or suggestions in content. You can also upload a picture if necessary.
2. We will have a topic each month, players need to submit ideas or suggestions that are related to the topic. Off topic letters will not be rewarded.
3. Our designer will pick the helpful and valuable ideas or suggestions from all the mails, those players will be rewarded with 1075 CPs. But if there are not any qualified ideas or suggestions in the month, there will not be 1075 CPs reward sent. Besides, we have 5000 Chi Points as a consolation prize, no fixed amount each month, it also depends on the quality of the ideas and suggestions. We will send the rewards by mail system in game.