New Server - ShadowChaser_EU Opens on 5/18 - Make Reservation and Team for CPs(B)

What Will You Get
  • New Expert Pack

    Requirements for reserving: Level 50-1st rebirth

    Descriptions: It contains Meteor Scrolls(B)*3, EXP Pills(B)*5, Stones(+2)(B)*5, Steed(+3)(B)*1, 500 CPs(B), Endeavor Scroll(B)*1, 30-day Dream of Youth(B)*1 and 30-day Fuleco(B)*1.

  • New Master Pack

    Requirements for reserving: 2nd rebirth or above

    Descriptions: It contains Meteor Scrolls(B)*6, Dragonball(B)*3, Stones(+3)(B)*5, Steed(+4)(B)*1, 1000 CPs(B), Penitence Amulet(B)*5, 60-day Dream of Youth(B)*1 and 60-day Fuleco(B)*1.

Step 1: 5/11-5/17 PDT
Login to the event page to reserve your privilege packs.

Step 2: 5/18-6/1 PDT
1) Create a character in the new server;
2) Login to the event page to claim your privilege packs;
3) Receive your privilege packs from your in-game mailbox.

Step 3: 5/18-6/17 PDT
Take part in all kinds of online events specially designed for the new server.
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